History of Monastery

In 1980, Archbishop Macarios gave his Blessing for Father to establish a monastery, in New Jersey, under the Patroness of Saint Barbara. His Eminence was one of the Founding Trustees.

Father’s family offered use of their property, in Middletown, New Jersey, where two monks joined him. They were professed in the Great and Angelic Habit and given the names: Athanasios and Thomas. It was their heroic desire to be ‘Eremite’ monks (a Hermit monk). Thanks be to God.

In 1997, the Holy Relic of Saint John of San Francisco began to emit miraculous sweet-smelling myrrh.

In 2001, the Holy Icon of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist began weeping miraculous oil, and ceased on September 11.

In 2002, the property we were using was legally given to us, as we continue our monastic struggles, for the greater honor and glory of God.



His Most unworthy servant, after completing studies in a Latin seminary, during the Second Vatican Council, visited an Eastern Orthodox Monastery where he was inspired by their mystical Liturgy and Services.

He studied the history and beliefs of this ancient Faith, and was totally enamored by it. He soon realized that his understanding THE FAITH was in fact Greek rather than Latin. Soon he began to eat and drink and sleep all that was Holy Orthodox. His unquenchable desire to immerse himself in his understanding of ancient Christianity: unchanged; uncompromised; and authentic in the Holy Tradition and the Holy Gospel, was where he had to be.

Now, the present Abbot and Metropolitan of New Jersey for All Julian Calendar communities and Exarch of America, as a layman was received into The Faith through Chrismation, through the back door. At that time he wasn’t quite clear on the many facets of entry into The Faith.

In time, he realized the importance of The Church Calendar and the need for Church unity, so he petitioned the Bishop in Astoria, New York. Many people are unaware that over 85% of worlds Orthodoxy follow the Julian (Church) Calendar.

Upon his acceptance, he was Baptized; tonsured a Monk; and Ordained to the Priesthood, in 1984. In 1993, he was elevated to Archimandrite.
Because of the shortage of priests, Father was assigned chaplain to the area hospitals and Monmouth College. On Sundays he was required to Serve Liturgy at various communities in New York and Connecticut. He also served at a church in Somerset.

Dialogue was entered with our Synod and The Patriarchate. We were told that nothing would change. We would be held up as examples of genuine Orthodoxy. This turned out to be untrue.

Many Bishops, priests and laypeople commiserated with our plight; and, we were contacted by the Synod of Archbishop Christopher Contogeorge, in Greece. At the encouragement of clergy; Trustees; and spiritual children, he accepted the election to the Episcopate and flew to Athens, Greece, for consecration, 2007.

In 2009 Holy Synod was held in Sao Paolo, Brasil, where Metropolitan Ephraem was named Archbishop of New Jersey and Exarch of America. The "Hellenic Holy Orthodox Archdiocese in America" is headquartered at: 106 David Court, Middletown, New Jersey, 07748-2703.

All Archdiocesan seminarians are expected to attend: Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos Seminary, in Saint Louis, Missouri, where all clergy must take refresh courses.