Schedule of Monastic Services

According to Monastic Tradition:
MATINS is held at 6 AM
The 1st Hour at 9 AM
The 3rd Hour at Noon
The 6th Hour at 3 PM
The 9th Hour at 6 PM
VESPERS held at 9 PM

According to the Typicon of Saint Barbara’s: Matins and the 1st Hour are held together, at 7 AM: Monday through Saturday; and, the 9th Hour and Vespers are held together, at 7 PM.

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated at 9 AM for all Sundays; except Great and Holy Pascha and the Holy Nativity of Our Lord, God and Savior JESUS Christ.

It is also celebrated on All Holy Days and special Feasts of The Monastery, especially The Holy Feast of Saint Barbara, following which the Holy Relic of our Holy Patroness is brought out to be venerated for all present.

The sacred treasures of the Monastery include: The Miraculous Icon of The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist (18 C.); A precious fragment of The True Cross; and also of The Crown of Thorns; Holy Relics of The Twelve Apostles; Saint Antony the Great; Saint John of San Francisco; Saint Anna, the mother of the Theotokos; Saint Lucy; Saint Hilarion; Saint Sergius; Saint Dymphna; Saint Macarius of Egypt; Saint Januarius; Saint Theodora, empress; Saint Seraphim of Sarov; Blessed Theophan the Recluse; Saint Christopher; Saint Martin of Tours; Saint Gregory the Theologian; and so on. These Holy Relics are offered for veneration following Vespers and the Divine Liturgy on their Feast Days.