The Monastery of Saint Barbara

In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit!

"In accordance with Apostolic faith delivered to us by tradition from the Fathers, I have delivered the tradition, without inventing anything extraneous to it. What I have learned, that I inscribed, comfortably with the Holy Scriptures." - St. Athanasios the Great

It will, I am convinced, be a great blessing to you to read: "What Is The Orthodox Church And What It Does Believe?" Through this article we begin to understand those spiritual things which are essential to us, and learn how to share with others the great spiritual beauty of our Holy Orthodox Christian Faith, and the wonderful teachings of our beloved Church. As we read, and understand, and pray, we begin to behold Our God Who is truly not only Holy, but Mighty, and Immortal. We will experience in so many ways that God is always present in our lives, and will be with us even until the end of the world.

It must be clearly understood that Holy Orthodoxy is a Christian Faith, following the teachings of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. The faithful within the Orthodox Church believe with love in their souls and hearts that we are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, His living Church, and we are in the company of innumerable saints, martyrs, prophets, apostles, holy fathers, ascetics, and choirs of holy angels - amazing thought! -and also the Most holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, who bore Christ Our Lord at His birth. While we still live on earth, whatever our status, whatever our occupation, we are citizens together with them of the Kingdom of God.

Our Holy Orthodox Church listens to and adheres to Holy Scripture (both of the Old and New Testament), which is at the heart of the living Church. As we study and adhere to the teachings of Scripture, a confident peace descends upon us and we know with a wonderful certainty that God is guiding, helping, and saving us. We, as Orthodox Christians, also turn with great devotion to the writings of the Holy Fathers of the Church, which help and guide us in fully understanding what we have listened to or had read from the Holy Scriptures. We do not seek to interpret the Holy Scriptures on our own, however, turning to our parish priest to guide us along the path of belief shown us by the Holy Fathers.

The faithful of the Holy Orthodox Church participates also in the very Body and Blood of Our Savior, a ceremony called Holy Communion and often referred to as the Holy Mysteries. We believe that when we all partake of these Holy Mysteries we partake of His divine nature, sharing in His victory over sin and setting foot on the spiritual path which leads to Christ-likeness.